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Can I tell you a secret?

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

I have put off the money course all year.

I did not know what people would think of me. I did not know if people I connected with would be interested in working on their money mindset. I did not know if people would have convinced themselves that they have tried everything already so they may as well not try. I did not know if, even though understand that how they think about things impacts how you interact with the world, that money is somehow different. And mostly, I was afraid people would judge me. I was worried people would think I was a sellout. I was ashamed people would not want to learn from someone who had not figured all this stuff out for her own life yet. And yet... when I dug through the shame to the core of the matter for me, I realised that I was willing to feel rejection, embarrassment and judgement if it meant more people would find it easier to pay their bills. I was willing to expose myself and my thinking and my journey in the hope that it could make some people's lives easier. I decided that if me addressing this subject made it easier for just one person to pay their bills this winter, it will have been worth it. How we think about money, how we talk about money, how we interact with money impacts our whole lives. We are taught we should just have it, we should not want it, we should know what to do with it but not talk about it. The whole thing is a mess. And when it causes so much confusion and conflict, why would we make any efforts to bring more of it into our lives than the absolute basics? This November, we are unpacking this and so much more. We are looking at how to keep money boundaries with those we love, we are looking at why we may give away more than we can afford and we are looking at what we can do to change some of these core beliefs. I would love for you to join us this month to begin to learn what else is possible for you, and I also invite you to share this with a friend you know who may be struggling. The more of us who can stabilize our finances, the more people we can help. Together.


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