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Defeating Youtube Terrorism

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

They will eventually find Mr Beheader, as I’m sure he’d be delighted to be known, as he seems hell-bent on cultivating Terrorist Executions Big Brother Style.

And when they do, they’ll probably wipe him out immediately, leaving space for one of his pals to come up with another hate-filled idea for the Terrorist Diary Room.

Here’s an idea for punishment befitting the crime of taking another life: the perpetrator should have to spend as long as it takes, listening to the testimonies of all of the people who knew the person they have killed. Starting with their parents and children, working through family members and friends. Each one. Just listening.

And if they really want to play Youtube Terrorism, we should film every meeting. We could create one of the most important documents for peace ever established.

From Islamic State through to Tony Blair, it is the only way I can possibly see of this cycle of hatred and fear not repeating.


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