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New Year and New Beginnings

Spam Filter For Your Brain - Episode 57

As we roll on into a new year, I wanted to tell you about the new rendition of that is coming up if you're not on my mailing list, (where you get quite a lot of nice free stuff, so I'd recommend being on the mailing list). If you're not on the mailing list, you might have no idea as to what I'm talking about. And it's something I'm really excited about because it is I've been working really hard on it for the last few months to try and be really responsive to what people need and all the feedback that we've got from the courses and all the brilliant work that people have been doing and building on over the last couple of years and bringing that forward into a brand new version. We are flinging open the doors for the New Year.

Until now, you've probably heard on the podcast before, we have always done a different new theme every month, which means that we all get to work on the same thing together, which has been really lovely. But it has also meant that sometimes the themes haven't always resonated with exactly what's going on with people's lives and sometimes they think it might be a nice thing to work on, but it isn't specifically what they're really struggling with right now. So I have mixed everything up and revisited some things that I know people felt like we had done in the past, but they really needed now and made all of the back catalog of everything that we have been teaching and learning together available in one place.

So the new version of is going to be like a great big pick 'n' mix of all of the classes, videos, workshops, workbooks available for you to dip into and take the things that appeal to you, take the things that are going to help you most, take the things that you think are most tasty and unwrap them at your own pace and work through things. And the focus of uniting the learning together and learning from each other will now move and shift into being the weekly group coaching calls.

These have always been such a brilliant, delicious blend of different humans going through different things, learning from each other, growing from each other's experiences, connecting across continents, learning from so many different experiences that we all think are our own personal, deepest, darkest secrets. And when you hear someone else voicing these things that you've never even dare speak of before, it's an incredible place to learn about yourself and learn about how we all operate and quite often how this stuff that we often can think is our own personal failings, actually is just a really human response to human life out there.

And so the weekly group coaching calls are going to become the hub and the core rather than one spoke of all of the stuff that we do, and then you're going to have access to over now nearly 30 courses that you can dip into at your own pace and work at.

And so it's going to be a monthly membership, or there is a three-month option, if you would like that, which is ridiculously cost-effective, because I want people to really try and transform their lives if they are able to do that.

So I'm still keeping the same pricing structure. So there is an option for you to pay the full fee if you can afford it. And if you can't afford it, there's a concession fee. And there are bursary spaces available, scholarships for folk who need them.

And I really, really want to remind you, for anybody who has been paying attention or listening or maybe skipping out on a few newsletters, this is going to be the last moment in 2023 where you can lock in this year's prices for the annual pass. The price is going up. There's a huge, significant amount of new work, new courses, new availability of so many good things in the new course. And it really is the sort of time that I have to start paying myself a wage that is in alignment with my own self-care, really. I've been doing things at a very, very low rate for the last few years, hoping that I can keep things as accessible as possible. And we still do have the scholarships available, so things will still be accessible for people who want to do it. But if you would like to support me in my mission to try and make this work available to anyone who needs it and know that nobody has turned away, if you would like to lock in this year's All Access pass, it's going up on the 1 January. When the clock strikes midnight, everything changes. So if you'd like to lock in this year's prices, please do head over to

I'm very excited about our own little membership site inside. So it's sort of like our own little personal version of Facebook, so you don't have to go and divulge all of your things over to bookface Zuckerberg and all of the other people that you might know in your life that you don't want to be interacting with on Facebook. You can just go in and work on your own self-development stuff in the privacy of your own little portal.

So I would love, love, love to see you inside.

You would be most welcome. And obviously, if you can help support other people being able to access the work if they need it, that's amazing. And if you're one of the people who need it, please don't think that you're taking a place away from anybody else. There is a space for you. This is why I have this pricing structure so that everybody feels that the work is available and accessible to them should they need it.

So I really hope to see you inside. And even if you don't come along, just right now, I'm wishing you the most peaceful, most love-filled, most relaxing of New Year's. And I hope that there's some unnecessary dancing in there for you as well.

I look forward to seeing you in 2024.


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