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To the ones who want to opt out of Mother's Day this year

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Mother’s Day can be tough.

I want to give something to people us whose story remains left out of this celebration.

For the missing mum’s club, to the post-natal depression mums, to the miscarriage mums, to the where-did-my-chance-go mums, to the frightened mums, the over-worked mums, the what-do-I-do-now-they’ve-left-home mums, the I-don’t-recognise-myself-any-more mums, the who’s-body-is-this mums, to the please-can-you-just-put-your-shoes-on mums, to the too-tired-to-sleep mums, to the this-does-not-define-me mums and to the I’m-just-trying-my-best-mums.

The way we think about one thing can change everything. If this time of year is hard for you I know it will be impacting other areas of your life too.

If your experience will never be found on a greetings card, I AM OFFERING FREE 30 minute MINDSET COACHING SESSIONS for people who want a little extra support.

There is no catch, you just need to show up with a pen and paper and something you’d like to work on.

WHY? Because it is important. And because I believe the more we support each other the more all of us benefit.

Mindset coaching helps untangle YOUR THOUGHTS from YOUR EMOTIONS. My sessions provide concrete tools to help you RECLAIM YOUR TIME, SPACE and ENERGY.

If you would like a FREE one to one coaching call, sign up below.

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