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Why hustle culture won't get you where you want to be

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Hustle culture is the embodiment of capitalism.

Hustle culture teaches us:

· To ignore our bodies, to reach our destination.

· The end goal is more important than the steps we take.

· The busier we are, the more valuable we are.

· That our value is based on our productivity.

· Rest is lazy.

· Achievements should involve suffering.

· Joy is something to be postponed.

When this is the value metric you use to strive towards achieving your new year's resolutions, the only result will be burnout.

Trust me; I've tried it.

I don't want you to exhaust yourself into achieving something that popped into your head on the 31st of December only to give up on it three weeks into January because you don't have an ounce of energy left.

It is about creating sustainable change in your life because you are constantly refocussing on your values and your dreams and life fitting around them, not stacking up some great big to-do list which adds to the pressure of everyday life.

This is about choosing kindness and compassion again and again and learning to turn down the volume on that inner critic who tells you that you can’t. Or it is impossible. Or you are not good enough. It takes practice, but it is something you can learn.

This isn't about toxic positivity. This is unlearning all the socialised bullshit which tells you that you have to earn your place in this world. This is about remembering that we are all inherently worthy of love, respect and compassion – and it is about teaching ourselves how to stand in our own power.


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