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Women's Environmental Network

This is one of my favourite portraits I took last year of the amazing Hanoufa. Faded off in the background you can see her amazing garden which her husband had been working on all summer on their balcony. "He has magical green fingers" she whispered to me, like the world's best conspiracy.⁠


Hanoufa has been supporting other women in her area to learn how to garden and how to connect via the plants when people have been feeling a bit lonely due to lockdown. She has also been teaching people how to grow food from scraps. I got very excited and told her I had a few shoots growing from a mango stone and she batted it away like I had just grown some moss. "We should all be growing mangos." she said as she darted inside and came out sucking a mango stone clean and then plopping it into a plastic bag and then dropping it into my open rucksack with the words "grow this one as well". My mango plant currently has seven leaves.⁠



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