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#2023 HEARDinLONDON Planner


900 + pages of prompts, questions, monthly planning strategy, accountability processes, thought management tool, photographs and inspiration from things I have seen and moments that have made my heart soar.

This beautiful little beast has taken me a year to create and has been ridiculous to try and find a printer for.


They have cost me £35 to get printed.  Which is absurd.  I feel like it is a hard sell to ask for more than £40 for a planner (the astute of you will notice that is me making £5 on something which has taken me a year to create, in case you were wondering how brilliant I am at the Capitalism lark), but someone kindly suggested I offer the option to donate what you would like for it.  

Honestly - it is beautiful.  I am so proud of it - and the lessons in here about time blocking and strategy are worth 100 times what I am asking, but also times are tough.

So I leave it with you.  I give A LOT of my stuff away to folk who need it, but this has been a huge outlay on my part, so I am afraid I cannot send these for less than £40 (plus international postage - if out live outside UK).  



I also wanted to offer it as a downloadable pdf.  It was still an epic amount of work to create, and I need to cover my basic costs, so the downloadable version is £20.  Am I trying to get you to want the physical one?  Absolutely.  Will it cost you more than £20 to get printed?  As an example, one off quotes I got ranged from £70 - £168 pounds PER COPY.  But if you want to download it and print it yourself, you are very welcome to.  Here is the link:

Seconds and  Pay It Forward


I have a small number copies of the planner which were marked in transit and cannot be sold as new.  I have decided to offer it them for a minimum donation of £35 (the cost price plus postage) OR you can make a donation for someone else to have one who would not be able to afford it.  Please let me know your chosen option.

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