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This is the beginning

 Celebrate the beginning of journey of a lifetime capturing the timeless beauty of your pregnancy with HeardinLondon's maternity photography.  I am based in London but travel around the UK, ensuring that the most precious of moments can be captured for a time when you have more space and sleep to savour them. My sessions are designed to cherish and celebrate all the moments of your journey into parenthood and support you as your body transforms too.

Your Session

My maternity photography sessions are personalised to reflect your unique story. (I'd honestly choose to only use the word pregnancy if I could, but the algorithm makes me need to use both - but I am clear in all my work that inclusivity is at the heart of all I do). 


You can choose from serene outdoor shoots, intimate home settings, or my incredible plant filled  studio. The whole session is tailored to ensure your session is comfortable, enjoyable, and tailored to your preferences."

Why Choose Me

As you can see throughout the website, HeardinLondon specialises in capturing the essence of your pregnancy journey in a way that looks and feels like you and your story, not some over airbrushed photoshopped version of someone you are not. My approach is nurturing and empowering, to create a safe space for you to express and celebrate the changes in your body and the arrival of your little one. 


Your photos are not just pictures; they are a testament to the strength and power of Survival and the raw humanity in all of the big ole lifeyness of it all.  Other people may sell you picture perfect pregancy images - I'm here to help remind you who you are, when it all feels a little bit lost at sea.  I even provide coaching sessions for folk who want to feel more confident about their body.   This is a space for you.  I look forward to welcoming you, wherever you are at on your journey.

" You have spoilt me, now I cannot have a photoshoot with anyone else. Kate











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