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Living Streets

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

I had a brilliant day photographing with Uffo Athletic who are supporting local Somali women's to set up a walking group with the active streets organisation Living Streets. It was such a joy to capture the energy and spirit of these wonderful women.

The Somali women's walking group is a group of strong and determined women who come together to walk and talk, building community and connection while getting some exercise. They are a diverse group, united by their love of walking and their desire to empower one another.

Living Streets is an organisation which works to create active, livable streets for everyone. They believe our streets should be designed for people, not just cars, and they work to make cities and towns more walkable and bikeable.

I love the photos we got together. They capture the beauty and strength of the women, as well as the sense of community and connection that they find through walking together. The streets are lively and full of energy, showcasing the importance of active streets in creating livable communities.

It was a brilliant day, filled with inspiration and empowerment. Living Streets are a powerful reminder of the importance of community, connection, and active streets in creating strong and vibrant neighborhoods.


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