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This is a portrait of Zach and Simon

When I heard these two cuties were coming to town from The States I suggested what the definitely needed was a Hot Guys in the City portrait photoshoot.

I spent a beautiful day with these two trying to be London tour guide, host and general trivia imparter, whilst they didn't complain about the drizzle and were super chill about wherever we ended up.

I forget that as Amercians they are used to travelling faaaar for anything, and our little pottering arounds must have seemed all quite quaint.

I'm trying to be more mindful of allowing people's own voices into their images, so in Zach's words:

"We were coming to London for a week and KNEW we wanted to capture the essence and spirit of our trip - the photos turned out INCREDIBLE. I'm not the most "body confident" person but Anna made it so easy to be comfortable on camera - and the results... they speak for themselves. We are thrilled to have this memory forever on our wall in our home!"

I love taking photoshoots of people who show up as themselves with no agenda other than to enjoy the moment they are in. It was a really beautiful day and I am so glad we created these memories of the gents in the city. Photoshoots really do freeze a moment in time.

And side note I really should mention, is that Zach is the best marketing brains I know. And if facebook ads break your brain or you really want to jump start your instagram, you shoud go and join the £10 bootcamp he is running (that's an affiliate link becuase he told me off for not earning money out of singing his praises all the time).

This is Zach and Simon


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