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This is Sophie

I am going to let Sophie write this one, as her words about her pregnancy photoshoot were so beautiful:

Last month I was lucky enough to be photographed by Anna (@heardinlondon), who is an award-winning photographer, confidence coach and body image educator.

I first became aware of Anna’s work through support programmes and offerings she runs for survivors of violence.

My body has not always felt like a safe place for me - let alone a new life. So it was deeply meaningful to capture this moment in time, to celebrate my journey from survivor to mama to be, and to celebrate my pregnancy, my body, and the tiny body now inside of me.

Check out @heardinlondon’s work if any of this resonated with you. I had such a fun day with her and am grateful for the work that she does and what she’s done for me ♥️

I am so grateful we got to work together. What an honour. (This last bit is my words, not hers!)


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