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Empowerment Photography
London and Beyond

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Do you believe in empowerment but do not always feel empowered?  Struggle with low self-esteem or a lack of confidence? 


It can feel really isolating, can't it?  Which is so strange is way people feel critical about their bodies and than walk around like they won the confidence crown.

Let's change this.

You are 

I serve the unseen and the ones who are tired of hiding.  I create space for people who are too tired of pushing doors open for themselves.  I offer beauty to be discovered where there has only previously been a rule book.  And I welcome honesty into our filtered self-criticism.  This is the space for those who have not always felt like their bodies belonged.  I take photos of you being yourself. You are welcome here.

HeardinLondonLucita-127 copy.jpg

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Why do we feel like this?  

I believe we are taught it.  From mass media trying to sell us things to make us more loveable, or from not-so-subtle socialisation about how we should put everyone else first and our needs are not important - you have probably been surrounded by these messages your whole life - it is not surprising you believe some of them.

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You are 

Photographs are legacies for your ancestors.

When we have the courage to show up and be seen we are welcoming future generations of people who look a bit like us (or a lot like us!) to feel like there is a space for them.  Having your photograph taken is your invitation to the future and for for all they, and you can become.


You are 

Photographs freeze time and memories for generations to come.

This photograph is of my niece at three weeks old holding my grandmother's finger at 93 years old.  It is the most powerful example I could give you of how magical it is to capture these moments which we think could last for ever but are gone in the blink of an eye.  But it does not have to be this way.  We can capture these precious moments for generations to come.

HeardinLondonMamasKitchen-156 copy.jpg

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I want to help you celebrate your here and now body and all the incredible things it can do for you.

So many people I speak to say that they need to wait to have a photoshoot.  Wait until they have lost that weight, or got more fit, or get back into that old pair of jeans, or when things just calm down a bit at work or when you just get this project in.  The reality is, we could make up reasons forever and all tis does is serve for us to miss our here and now bodies.  We all know how important mindfulness is for our emotional health; well I believe the same is true for our bodies.  It is only in truly celebrating the body we have right now that we learn to treat ourselves with more compassion.


You are 

Marble Surface

My photoshoots are designed to be a welcoming space to celebrate all the facets of you wish to explore.


Whether that is to rediscover hidden passions, or simply indulge in a long-held desire to be seen and appreciated. Maybe it is vulnerability, Maybe it is confidence, maybe it is a chance to get playful or maybe you just want some photographs of yourself where you feel kinda hot.  I am here to co-create the experience with you.  The preshoot consultation looks at what you would really love from our time together and how we can collaborate to achieve this.  

When you feel seen, you radiate confidence.  You get to stand strong and speak your truth with honesty.  This helps you align with your values and principles and live in integrity.  You become more authentic, more true to yourself.

I even offer Confidence Coaching sessions, should you want one.


By shining a light on the parts of yourself that you want to be seen, you not only foster a deeper connection with your authentic self but also inspire others to embrace their own unique stories. 

HeardinLondon_CarysTram-65 copy.jpg

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I specalise in photoshoots for survivors and people who have difficult history with their bodies. I have spent a long time listening, learning and relfecting how to create safe space where people feel comfortable to explore what body image means to them.

I recognise that many people have survived experiences that have left a lasting impact on their relationship with their bodies.  I wanted to create a space where people felt able to pause and reflect on what their body could feel like if there there was more confidence and more body peace available.

From the moment you step into our studio (or into the woodlands, I do love an outdoors shoot), I support you every step of the way, providing welcome guides, styling advice, and gentle guidance on posing to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire experience.


My empathetic approach extends beyond the photoshoot, offering support in maintaining your newfound confidence as you continue on your journey of self-acceptance and empowerment.


By working together in this nurturing environment, we can begin to build a connection with your body which feels more kind.  


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Marble Surface

I use my photography to document civil disobedience, activism, protests and social justice movements. I believe it is important that these movements are documented from the voices of the people with the passion and momentum for change.


By using my photography to create a space to elevate their message, I aim to bring attention to these issues and provide a platform for the voices of marginalised communities who are often unheard.

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The number of people who arrived at my shoots with body image issues led me to train as a life coach.  Combining this with empowerment photography specialising in building confidence for the camera shy has brought a new level to what I offer the people I work with.


You can book a confidence coaching session in conjunction with your photoshoot, or join our weekly group coaching sessions or perhaps you'd like to take a self-study body image course.  I provide options for each learning style so you can revolutionise the way you think, feel, and talk about and see yourself.

Hop over to to see some of the options.


You are 

London and Beyond

With a roving eye and a roaming life and an undeniable passion for exploring, my work has taken me around the globe to some incredible places.  I capture moments in time of the world’s magic as well as looking for it right under my nose.  This is the gallery of some of the incredible places we can find on this planet.

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