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5 steps to earn your own trust

We often talk about other people earning our trust, and our trust being broken, but what about earning our own trust?

It’s a jigsaw piece most of us pretend isn’t missing, which is not surprising as a lot of people make a lot of money telling us we should not trust ourselves and we eat this / wear that / say this / do that in order to be “HAPPY”*

(*Terms and conditions apply).


So, how do you earn your own trust?  Well, like a lot of things in life, it is a skill we can learn and the more the we practise it, the more it is available to us when we most need it.


Here’s some starting points you can try:



  1. Check in with your body about decisions (and then, if it feels right take action):

  2. Celebrate Your Wins (Even the Tiny Ones):

  3. Keep Promises to Yourself:

  4. Reflect on Past Successes:

  5. Notice the Learning Curve:


Earning your own trust isn’t about being perfect – it’s the opposite. It’s about being there for yourself through this messy ole game called life, it's about rolling up yourselves and being willing to feel your feelings and be courageous enough to celebrate your triumphs. It's about recognising that when you’re there for yourself, there is a lot more of you to go around for those you love. So, next time you doubt if you can trust your own judgement, remember: the more you do it, the more trust you earn.

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