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How to set goals from a place of abundance

Updated: Feb 2

Spam Filter For Your Brain - Episode 55

We are pushing towards a new year, and I thought I would try something new. I'm always encouraging folks here to try new things, test out what they think is working, and test out how they feel about particular stuff. I believe most of our life is a game to grow and stretch.

Life is about learning and growing and possibly seeing what we can achieve when we are willing to be uncomfortable. What is available for us when we are ready to feel slightly uncomfortable occasionally?

So, I wanted to do a little new thing today: a podcast with a video and see how many of you are interested in that.

If it's useful for people, I'll pop it up on YouTube if they enjoy it. , rather than just having the podcast for people to listen to, have me, me, in their ears.

The thing that I wanted to touch on a little bit today, which is why I am doing something which makes me a little bit out of my comfort zone, trying something new, is the idea of why we would want to set goals when we are constantly being told that we should be mindful and present and zen and in the moment that can sometimes feel quite opposite to the idea of.

We look to the future for something we might want rather than what we have now. And I want to offer that maybe these two things are not contradictory at all. Possibly, perhaps these two things can be held at the same time. Because if we can find a way of. We are looking towards more of what we could want.

It doesn't necessarily have to mean that we berate where we are now. It doesn't necessarily mean that where we are isn't good enough. It could be that we are looking towards more of what we want. And to tone down some of the things that we want less of in our lives and maybe stretch ourselves to places that we haven't done before because we haven't built the resilience to move there.

And. Dare to go towards those big scary goals in our life. And I think that many of us are somewhat confused about this because the idea of goal setting is often set from a place of lack. It is the idea that if we have these big lofty goals, things will be okay, and we will gain trademark happiness.

But What if we reframe the idea of setting goals to be just a little bit more in line with who we want to be, what we want to be doing, and what we want to get out of and create in our lives? What if goal setting becomes. We are becoming more of ourselves rather than coming from a place of scarcity and trying to devalue what we have now, hoping that the grass is always greener when we've got the goals over there.

I invite you as we tiptoe towards the new year, too. Think about what goals you'd be willing to set if you weren't putting them from a place of lack. If your plans weren't fueled by scarcity, if things were available to you that you haven't had before, what creativity and imagination could you let into your life if you are willing to feel a little bit uncomfortable about not knowing how you're going to get there or what that's going to look like yet?

So, it's an abridged little episode. I hope it's useful for you, and I look forward to hearing your big goals. Do reach out on social media and let me know


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