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Moulin Jaune - Slava's garden of delights

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

I have been in love with Slava's Snow Show since I first saw it at Hackney Empire two decades ago.

It is the show I have seen most in my life.

Over and over again, it is repeatedly the most beautiful thing I have ever seen on stage.

And is more magical than most things off-stage.

During lockdown, as many of us, I found myself wondering whagt I would really regret if life as we knew it never returned. Very top of the list was never having visited the incredible garden of Slava, the Russian clown spoken of in reverence and whipsers. People who know of Snow Show know. Slava is a name that makes faces and eyes and hearts light up.

For me he is more magical than Santa.

To visit his home felt like a dream.

Like walking through Alice in Wonderland. A fascination at every turn.

I cried when I walked through the door at the beauty. And at the fact that, despite all we have been through, I made it.

Welcome to Moulin Jaune.


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