Photography for me has always been about capturing that story other people may have missed. That fleeting moment where the possibilities are. 

My curious eye captures the playfulness of my circus background blends with an ability to engage warmly with my subjects.  My aim is to encourage them to feel as captivated as I am by what is unfolding; which is rooted in my buddhist perspective of the reverence of life and all of it's details.  

My feminist outlook means I am driven by the idea of reclaiming the ideal of beauty which is sold to us and reframing it as life, worthiness, beauty because we are, not beauty because you have been photoshopped whilst striving for infinitely changing goal posts.  Humanity, in all of it's intricacies is beautiful. I want to be able to provide evidence of that that people can hold in their hand on a bad day when their mirror is lying to them.


A friend once told me he liked my photographs because they reminded him of hanging out with me, and the wonder in the world I see.  I don't think I will ever get a better accolade than that.



My Dad always told me you never get a second chance at a good photograph, which led to a lifetime of running into situations with my lens at the ready.

My active eye has seen my work as a press photographer published in The Guardian, on the BBC, The Huffington Post and (without my permission) The Daily Mail.

I have worked for over a decade supporting community empowerment organisations both in UK and in Nepal and am working on establishing a project which helps survivors reclaim their image of their body.













#StreetArt project leaving words of encouragement for people to discover.


Circus for Survivors

Using Physical movement to empower survivors of abuse to reclaim their bodies.

Circus for Survivors


Here is a secret safe space for words you need to release. Welcome.


Missing Link

Circus Performers Booking Agency providing entertainers for events and parties

Missing Link


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