I am on a mission to convince you that all bodies are welcome.  Especially yours.

My name is Anna and I have spent most of my life working in the circus and social justice movements and finding creative ways the arts can help people work with their bodies.

When I look around me I see a world full of magic, and mischeif and courage - and because that is what I see, that is what I capture.

I believe photography is a powerful tool to be able to show yourself tangible evidence that the mean things you tell yourself in the mirror may not always be true.

I am captivated by the work of how liberating photography can be - and that I believe people are able to create a more loving life the more they treasure the skin they are in.  

What would you do with all the energy you spend criticising your body?  What do you want to achieve with all that  time it would free up?

I work with self defined Survivors who are looking for ways to reclaim their body. I photograph issues of social justice to make sure the full stories are told. I look for the details which make the full spectrum of this life glorious and try and make sure you do not miss them.

I believe every body is uniquely beautiful and there is liberty in celebrating where you are right now.

I am not interested in your before and after - I want to offer you tools to be able to celebrate you at every bit of the journey.

Contact me to chat about how we could work on this together.



My Dad always told me you never get a second chance at a good photograph, which led to a lifetime of running into situations with my lens at the ready.

My active eye has seen my work as a press photographer published in The Guardian, on the BBC, The Huffington Post and (without my permission) The Daily Mail.

I have worked for over a decade supporting community empowerment organisations both in UK and in Nepal and am working on establishing a project which helps survivors reclaim their image of their body.














#StreetArt project leaving words of encouragement for people to discover.

Circus for Survivors

Circus for Survivors

Using Physical movement to empower survivors of abuse to reclaim their bodies.



Here is a secret safe space for words you need to release. Welcome.

Missing Link

Missing Link

Circus Performers Booking Agency providing entertainers for events and parties


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