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The Fall

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Today smells like the memories of summer consolidating and finding their way home to their instigators. To gather in their arms and keep souls warm for winter.

The crashing of waves, the tear filled goodbyes, the laughing in pain, the silent sunrise, the dancing in streets, the look in his eyes. The crowd surge, the wind rush, the hope and the loss. The boundaries we broke and the ones left to cross. The music, the friendships, crafting our show. The dreams we created and ones we let go. The food that we tasted, the love and the breeze, the arms flung across us, the noise and the ease.

Today. They are all coming home.

Our memories  pack up their shadows and picnic baskets   and start their journey back to being seedlings    for new beginnings. For the next time around.

Welcome Autumn. I am ready for you now. For this summer we have lived.


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