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Reading this may result in the uncontrollable urge to exhale and emerge as more yourself.


How has winter treated you, my love? Are you coming out of your cocoon, exhausted or prepared to skip into spring?  Did you manage to look after yourself at this time of rest? Or, frankly, do you need a holiday? Do you feel ready to handle the year as it unfurls?


As we emerge or step into spring, I think it's important to remember that if we want different results, we have to be winning to try something different. Here are some questions that I like to ask myself as the seasons change.

  • What would I like to release as spring begins?

  • What obligation am I no longer willing to hold onto?

  • What served its purpose in the season that we're leaving behind, which I am willing to shed now?

  • There's where have I been allowing people-pleasing to creep back into my life, and is that something that I want to continue into this new moment?

  • What is one simple way to incorporate rest and joy into the beginning of spring?


It is by approaching these changes with the level of curiosity that I remind myself to keep coming home to my values and my truth. Every season I try and shed a layer of obligation. Because I know the more authentic I am to myself, the more love I have for those around me and to weave into my life.


I offer a daily journal prompt like this as part of the self-care Chronicles. You can find out more over here:


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