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Arielle in the wilds

Updated: May 30

I think people who do not live in London have this image of this grey sprawling city with too many people and not enough trees. But the truth is that is one of the most wild cities in the world with an incredible 47% of the city being green spaces. This little secret hiding place is at the end of the road and where I do a lot of my outdoor shoots. I sat under this tree a few months ago and watched some woodpeckers having a gossip. I didn't grow up in London, but the truth is always going to be that you have to hunt for the places that sing to your heart, wherever you are. I for one, love how after 20 years I can still get lost in this great big load of consecutive villages they call London.⁠


Thanks to @ariellelauzon for hanging out in the roots with me and my lens.


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