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Banksy: Gross Domestic Product

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

A shop appeared over night in #Croydon with a window full of #Banksy’s work. It was pretty tough to get decent pictures of due to the reflections on the windows, but it was well worth the trip. My favourite part of the set up was the security man dressed like the Two Ronnies shop keepers and the general chatter of the crowds as they stared into the window. From the mother dragging her children away exclaiming “Well. I just don’t understand it!” to the chap proclaiming “I am Banksy. You are Banksy. We are all Banksy. Banksy is a movement!”. It was fascinating to me how many people sidled up to the caretakers asking if any of them happened to be the man himself, or if they had met him, or if they knew what he looked like, quite forgetting that they could have popped the same questions into a search engine. The man’s art work is obviously great, but his marketing team are exemplarily.


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