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Sometimes I manage to get a shot which really captures the essence of one of my friends and I more than see all of Carina in this photo - I can hear her laugh and making some astute life observation with a little twist to add to the party. I love this soul. I always have. A few years ago I crashed into her Saturday night on the main drag at Glastonbury after her epic tale of getting in without a ticket (she has a whole youtube series about this - check it out), and she grabbed me by my ears and shouted over the music into my face "I used to think you loved me too much. You used to tell me too much. I couldn't handle it. And now I love me that much too. And I love it when you tell me now. Isn't that brilliant?" and then she was lost in a sea of glitter and mud and basslines and it was one of my favourite little chance Glastonbury encounters ever.⁠


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