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How to look confident in photographs

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

1 - It is all in your mind

The thoughts you are thinking will show on your face, so be willing to keep coming back to kindness and this will radiate in your pictures.

2 - Prepare the night before

Don't go rushing around trying to find outfits or shoes the morning of the shoot. Frankly, no one looks their best when they are flustered. so commit to your preparation as much as you do the shoot itself.

3 - Leave your stuff at the door

We all have stuff going on, all the time. But park that with your coat and bag as you arrive and know it can be reached at any moment. if you need it, but that this is a time to focus on your own self-care. And often when you make this bold decision to focus on yourself, you are then more replenished to handle the rest of the stuff in your world.

4 - Who are you doing this for?

Check in with yourself a little before the session. Who's eyes, heart, validation are you seeking approval of with these images. No right answers, No wrong answers, just have a little check in to see.

5 - What do you want to feel?

When you look back at these pictures, what do you want to feel? By identifying this it will be a lot easier to keep focussing back on these emotions in point 1.

6 - Talk to yourself like you are encouraging a friend who is a bit nervous.

Often the stuff we say to ourselves we would never dream of saying to another person. It may feel like this is cheating somehow and you should be able to just get the end goal where you talk compassionately to yourself, but often the unkind chatter has been going on for decades, and it is a well worn path, so if you can find some tricks to start hacking through a fresh path to practice, let's use the tools we have.

7- Think of the ones who come after you.

Make this political. What about the people who look a bit like you who see themselves represented and worthy of taking up space and all out there in the world just being their beautiful human selves. What an incredible difference that would have made to all of us. And really push that. What if we were the last generation to keep sabotaging ourselves because of the way our bodies look? What if the generations to follow got to focus on all the things they could achieve with these incredible super suits? Let's build this dam - it stops here.

8 - Know this stuff is taught to us

And therefore it can be unlearned. You did not pop out of the womb thinking your thighs jiggled too much or that your value was based on your BMI - we were taught this stuff, and the more we educate ourselves and stand in our own unique glory, the more others are made to feel valid and welcome alongside us.

9 - Know that these photos are not going to change everything

But know that they also have the ability to be a life marker where you decide to start always striving to treat and speak to your body with kindness and compassion.

10 - All bodies are worthy of love

Keep reminding yourself. All bodies are worthy. All bodies are welcome. All bodies are allowed to take up space. And that has to include yours. Because we are not stepping forward if anyone gets left behind.

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