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I doth protest

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Don’t go on a demonstration against conflict and then come and bitch to me about how much you hate that bloke at work.

Marching against war isn’t enough. We need to take actions towards peace.

Go and build a bridge with that person you know you’ve wronged. Open the door to an apology to someone you feel has wronged you. Because if you can’t do that, how do you expect someone to forgive someone else for murdering their family?

March. For God’s sake march and make your voice seen, but don’t think the institutions who are hell bent on violence are watching you.

If we are going to create a world which is safe from violence and free for us all, we’re going to need you to commit your heart to peace when you’re angry and feeling hurt. Not just when it feels comfortable to do so.

Teach others what peace feels like, from your heart with your voice and with your actions. Peace is no where if you cannot create it on your own doorstep. And if we all did this, even if just a little, that’s a hell of a lot of doorsteps people are going to feel safer stepping onto.

We don’t need to change the world. We need to listen to this one with more love, wisdom, courage and compassion.


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