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Inspiring Post

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

I run a little project called InspirationalLitter (you can see links above on my website, follow on Twitter and Instagram).

It is a bit like being a little Buddhist tooth fairy. I write things I think people may need to hear (or in reality stuff I need to remind myself of) and hide little cards with the hashtag on the back. Sometimes I have seen people find them and light up, and sometimes people tweet me when they find them. It is a project dear to my heart, but it seems to be one of my least successful internet adventures.

None-the-less, the people who love it, love it.

So I thought I would reach out to you (in the hope of lifting, raising smiles… and also hoping you help me spread the word about the project).

And I had an idea… the run up to Xmas can be a tricky time. Nights drawing in, money worries, family issues, food issues – many things come up for many people. Maybe you just need a lift. Maybe you just need to know someone is thinking of you. Maybe you just need a few words to help you refocus for just taking that next step…

Between now and Xmas I can send you 12 little InspirationalLitter cards through the post at random intervals.

All I need is your postal address.

Ideally I would like to ask for whatever you are comfortable, as they are not free to make, (I go to a printer) but what you think they are worth will be different to different people. And I want to make sure that absolutely no one is excluded, so if you only are able to give me the cost of a stamp then that is all that is needed.

If you’d like some kind words through your mail box before the end of the year, drop me an email through the contact form on my website.

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