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Words from my beautiful friend Lucita:⁠

"My I SEE YOU photo shoot, the morning of the photoshoot I woke up sad, it had been a oddly complicated, expensive, exhausting 2 weeks prior and I had to work it out so I felt uncomfortable in my body too. ⁠


I was low, @heardinlondon messaged me to check how I was doing, I let her how I was feeling, in the hope it would change my mood. When left my flat I decided that I was going to do all I could to shift this feeling I played all my favourite songs as I made my journey to the studio.⁠


"Wow what a beautiful space" I thought as I entered, there was @heardinlondon smiling warmly inviting me in. My first outfit was very bold, I almost didn't have enough confidence to pull it off but with her encouragement I got there, she gave me great direction, we had a laugh, it fun, freeing, sexy and beautiful time. I didn't want to see not one image that day. I was patiently waiting. The pictures hit my inbox this morning and when I saw them I wasn't even sure it was me but the bald head let me know it was me, lol. Photos, images captured so much playfulness, joy, beauty in an unconventional package, I am a #Survivor I've been through a lot in the last 2 years, this photoshoot is a mark in the sand embracing a new me, I am walking on Sunshine, Big Up, whooop whooop Yessss, yessss Go lady work da vibe, wicked and bad in all da best way. That is how I feel and I can go back to these image and remind myself any time of this feeling beauty in that not just physically but on the inside too, I see the the strength and determination in my own eyes.⁠

Thank you @HeardinLondon."⁠



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