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Sisters Uncut Protest

Updated: May 30

What you may have missed about @SistersUncut protest yesterday was how they handed protesters ear plugs before detonating 1000 rape alarms outside Charing Cross Police station. My day was filled with folk checking in on me, checking I had water and that I wasn’t doing too much. The care behind the rage is incredible. 💚💜💚💜

This post is not about the actions of the men whose violence caused the need for protest. Or the police forces that breeds this level of contempt and abuse. This post is a celebration of all the wild unruly women in my life with long memories and short tempers, for fuses that burn and fists that rise. For the women that rage and everything else we are told we should not. For the livid ones. The ones who take action. 💚💜💚

I have an incredible bunch of divine hags in my life and I love that they craft responses like this protest. 💚💜💚


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