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This is Ambra

This was such a dreamy shoot with @ambrathriving playing with swishing fabric and sunsets.⁠


I love playing with flowing fabric - especially outdoors in nature. And I love it even more with people who were not too sure about the idea of the floatyness of it, or are not sure if it fits their vibe or aesthetic or brand and then when the fabric comes out there is always a moment of swirling and laughter. It is just such a nature playful place. ⁠


For Ambra, I adored the fact that they brought some off their grandmothers clothes to be able to see all of themselves.⁠


As we finally feel like spring is on the horizon and the days are clearly getting longer, I am going to be opening up spaces for more shoots back in the wilds again. If you would like to explore what body image means to you out in nature, please drop me a message.⁠


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