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Want to learn Facebook ads marketing?

Updated: Apr 11

Quick and easy way to learn Facebook ads

I have huge love for this guy right here. When you're working solo there are a lot of decisions to make. a lot of pieces to hold, a lot of software to learn and a lot of ideas to bounce around. You've got to be everything from the ideas machine to the bookkeeper to the copywriter to the tea maid. And everything in between. I've done a shed load of courses in my time, but it's rare I have found someone who not only knows their stuff inside out, but also has a heart rooted in the care of folk (and of folk doing well). This is Mr Zach Spuckler

Frankly, probably a lot of you found me because of Zach (if you have one of my free workbooks, you definitely have your hands on that because of him - and don't feel like you are missing out - they are all here:

The week after next, Zach is running a Facebook ads bootcamp. I have sung its praises before, but it's $10, and honestly, I have never spent any better money in my life. He's such a good teacher, he gives away so much information, and he makes what felt like a maze to me completely manageable.

If you're freelance or want to just get better at marketing, this is a great, great place to begin.

I could harp on about how much I rate this guy all day, but instead, you can have the affiliate link he made me have as I kept referring people and he told me off for not earning commission:


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