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What would your impact be if you felt confident as hell in your body?

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

If you are anything like me, you are not as brutal to your body as you used to be - so that is an epic win. But it can be easy to stop there. And I believe there is more peace to be found here and that is worth striving for.

I would like to slide the possibility under your door that this does not have to be the end point. Just settling for not hating yourself does not have tot be enough. Given the volume of counter messages we are bombarded with daily about how our bodies must change in order to be loveable, getting anywhere near neutral is an astonishing feat. And it is from this place I invite you ask the gentle, curious question… what else could be possible?

What if you did not just tolerate your body, what if you thought it was incredible, magical, useful, resourceful, playful? What could be possible if you felt excited, honoured, calm, motivated, grateful and intrigued by your body?

The key is in remembering there is not right or wrong way to do things, just a whole load of guesswork, but the more love with which we treat ourselves, the more we make that our baseline. And it is by asking ourselves these next-level questions that we get to make to make conscious decision about our next steps on our own path.

And what could your impact be on the world, if you believed you were phenomenal?


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