I am here to help you capture the images that fill you with emotion, joy and pride.


Maybe you want someone to capture the atmosphere of your party?  Maybe its a portrait but you feel uncomfortable in front of a camera? Maybe some things are transitioning in your life and you would like that documented? Or maybe you need to reclaim the way you see yourself?

My style is to explore, with you, what you are seeking and create photographs which tell your uniquely story.











Photography for me has always been about capturing that story other people may have missed. That fleeting moment where the possibilities are.


My unique eye captures the playfulness of my circus background, my ability to engage warmly with my subjects to make them feel as captivated as I am by what is unfolding and my buddhist belief in the reverence of life.

Contact me to see how we can pause time for a moment and create the image your heart wants to see.


Mrs Dickson, Proudly Age 83 

You look around you to see what other people do not see.  You look for them.  You look and see if anyone needs help, and then you help them and then you try and make them laugh.  And  that makes you common.  And if the world was full of more common folk, we'd be in a lot better place.


Ever notice how often you hear people say they are too busy?

Ever notice how often you hear people say they don't know where the time went?

Are you one of those people?

Let me help you stop time for a moment and create something precious.