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Burnout. Get ill. Cram in all the things I missed. Repeat.

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

This last 18 months has been so wild, but it has also offered a lot of space for downtime and reflection. As lots of you know, I have long covid and have been spending a lot of time in hospital lately, which has given me a lot of time to think and reflect. Whenever I have space to stop and pause, I am always drawn to thinking about what I have to offer which am be useful to other people.

One of the things I have noticed a lot this year is friends telling me they don’t know how I “fit it all in”, that I always have so many projects on the go and that I am always running at life full of energy. Which, this year, given my health, has felt like an incredible compliment. One thing I notice when people say this is that I rarely feel overwhelmed, or too busy. Currently I have four jobs and am writing an online course and I have gone back to college. And you will rarely hear me complaining about not having enough time.

In writing The Work / Life Balance Course, I am doing something a little bit new and frightening for me, so rather than trying to hide my vulnerable, I am going to be really public with it, so see if it spooks the cobwebs a little.

I am going to be sharing a load of my tips and tricks over on my Instagram and Facebook over the next few weeks, I know that some of the stuff I have been learning will be really useful to share.

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