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Could this be you? [spoiler: YES]

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

I always send feedback forms after sessions as it helps me see check in on how things have been received and keeps me always in a space of learning. Personal growth may go in and out of fashion, but it is the fuel which lights my fires.

I recently received feedback from someone after a coaching session with me and it felt like I had really achieved the reason why I began training as a professional coach in the first place: Here's what she told me: "I felt very safe and supported. You were skilled at pinpointing the core issue of what I needed to work on. I was open to trying something new and the method is very practical, and I am grateful I was shown how to apply to my every day. I would definitely recommend your coaching to others. It's has shown me there is a different way of seeing things."

It is strange, as one of the core tenets of what I teach is not to seek external validation, but when someone manages to phrase the whole reason you do what you do… well it certainly made me grin. As a photographer, I have spent the last few years working on how to get people to question their thoughts and how they see themselves. Getting emails like this makes me know that the work I am doing is really offering people a toolkit that they can take forward into their lives. My goal is to give this empowering experience to everyone I work with. Seeing that it is resonating with people and benefiting them so clearly is really powerful.

So my question for you is: could this be something you may also benefit from? I sure think so. I would love to give you a similar experience where you find some tools which really serve you as we step towards a new year.

What is interesting is that only a few months ago I would have felt uneasy about saying that. About being confidence enough in my work that I was able to send a message saying, here: I have something amazing that is working – want a bit? And by using some of the coaching tools (and by having incredible coaches myself) I am clearly able to see that part of the reason I would have been shy to offer that before can be rooted back to the patriarchy. Women are not meant to be loud, to sing out own praises, to say we are onto something good, and heaven forbid we go sharing a bit of that empowerment around. It is by politicising it and really being able to spot these patterns at play that I have been able to untangle some things which have been holding me back for years. This is the stuff I would like to show you how to this can be possible for you too.

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