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Strengthen Your Decision-Making: Empower Yourself to Make Confident Choices

Updated: May 30

The Power of "Maybe"

One of my favourite games to dabble in, instead of viewing decisions as black-and-white, right or wrong decision-making, is to allow myself to get curious about the edges. The possibilities. The “I am not actually sures”. The grey areas. The what ifs. Because as soon as I am willing to dabble in the idea that I do not know how the chips will fall (and I absolutely don’t – and chances are you might not either), then it allows for curiosity. And curiosity is a delicious opening of doors to new avenues.

When we are able to entertain the idea that multiple roads could be possible for us, it also becomes that there might not always be a "right" choice; maybe there is just the one you take. Anything that works against the idea that we need to give the perfect answer will probably serve us in life. Anything that allows for humanity and mistakes and stumbles along the way will be a path which is a lot more gentle than one where you must constantly be aiming for the pinnacle.

What could be possible for you if, rather than aspiring to be right, you aspired to be kind? Rather than fearing regret, you decided you would have your back no matter what unfolded. Because this is the only way I have found to release some of the pressure of making decisions, I no longer fear getting things wrong, as whichever choice I made was probably based on the information I knew at the time, and I was probably trying my best. And with this knowledge, it is a lot easier to step into the idea that no matter what happens, I will try and treat myself with some level of grace.

So the next time a scenario presents itself to you, and you feel like you are spinning in indecision, maybe try asking yourself: If I knew I had my own back, no matter what, which option would I choose then? And give that option a try.

Good luck out there. There is a world of possibilities waiting.

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