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I wanted to make sure Elena told her own story:

Here is the

feedback from the day and why she chose to come:⁠

"But what a journey, a great experience towards acceptance and also playing/reflecting with my own image and having fun…. Thank you very much….. I hope I will have other opportunities.⁠

I really like the way I was feeling with you as a real “subject” of the photography process, as I read somewhere, 90% of the photographers are men (working for adverts) picturing women (of course) in more than 85% of their pictures. Then of course, I need to refer to the @guerrillagirls who showed (some years ago, I don’t remember when) that 6% of the artists in the Modern Art section of the @metmuseum in New York are women, and 85% of the nudes are female. I remember an exhibition in the @whitechapelgallery of the Guerrilla Girls with a survey of many worldwide museums and the data were similar (@tate was among the exceptions, having many women artists exhibiting, I believe 50%). I am a bit fed up that women are so often presented as objects in the eyes of men, as statues, dolls and even commodities. I like the idea to play and act as a subject (free-range!), interacting/discussing with a woman photographer and I love anything related to feminist photography that challenges the omnipresent “male gaze” (plus you are a Buddhist). I love when I see more nuanced and truthful depictions of women’s bodies, faces, experiences, feelings and ideas, that are not directed by and to the heteronormative, binary, white-centric, western-centric male viewer. I enjoy seeing the world differently, through women’s eyes. Thanks for this opportunity."


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