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Get (it) down

Updated: Apr 12

If the last lockdowns can be summarised by any universal, I think it is fair to say that a lot of us spent way too much time in our own heads.

Many of us found old coping mechanisms we had spent a great deal of time and energy over coming frequently rose wound their way back to the forefront once more. Stuff which people thought they had dealt with years ago was suddenly front and centre and people were left baffled why they were having to retrace paths they thought they had progressed from.

As more restrictions loom, it is understandable there may be some apprehension rising for folk about whether we are resourced enough for this.

I know it can be tempting to get as far away from feelings as possible, especially in such extreme times, but in my experience, if you do not allow yourself to feel your emotions when they arise, then they pop up like unruly beach ball you were trying to hold underwater.

One of the best tools II have found over the years is to write down things down. Putting big emotions down on paper means you must untangle them all to create digestible sentences. And it means that you cannot wriggle away from the brutality of some of your inner monologue. Something about setting it all down on paper allows a little air around the embers and enables you to see what you have been dealing with. This is why I created a little journal template for folk to be able to get into the habit of setting aside time every day to get that stuff out of your head and into your hands where you can literally see the noise in your head.

If you would like a copy click here.

And if you are looking to find a support group to work on untangling some of this stuff in more detail, with a supportive group who are looking at trying to identify new goals and strategy to achieve them, please do have a look at

If you are struggling with stuff right now and need immediate support, remember help is out there. My previous blog has a number of helplines and support services for you, if you need them.

Wishing you well for this winter season.

Please look after yourself.


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