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Hiding and Showing Up

I've been thinking a lot about what we get from hiding. And also what we lose?

I believe we have a false sense of security which is created by keeping us our smaller and hidden because we don't have to show up for ourselves. Because we don't have to be vulnerable.

The problem with keeping everything the same is that you end up with the same results, which is fine if you have everything that you want. In your life right now, but if there are areas where you feel like you could have more kindness, like the way you speak to your body, for example, you're going to have to push yourself into a whole load of great big uncomfortable in order to prevent you feeling well… So uncomfortable. Sounds contradictory, isn't it? But the reality is that just because where you are now is familiar. That doesn't make it comfortable, healthy, or good for you.

Anyone who has ever put the leg work in, will tell you that growth feels a lot like death. Your body is hard-wired to keep you in The Cave away from the Bears and, if possible, maybe not even have to go out hunting for food. Because if Neanderthal you could have ordered over on CaveEats they definitely would have done.

You in order for us to change the results we get, we have to change the patterns which have caused those results, and often that leap is going to be a whole heap of showing up yourself. And treating yourself like someone who is worthy of kindness and respect. As well as behaving like those inclusivity politics that you preach also include you.

When I'm preparing people for a photo shoot, I ask people to really think about what their life would look like if they freed up all of that time that they exhausted being unkind to themselves. It is a situation most people find really hard to imagine; but once you begin to draw your outline, you can start colouring your new story in.

My job is to ask the questions to get you your imagination going. If you like to see different horizons, your job is going to be to step out of The Cave and to explore a little.

So the first question is what adventure do you want to write to write for yourself?

The waiting list for my New Year’s Revolution Course (Find your goals, then find the time) is open now. People on the waiting list are going to get extra treats, so if you’re interested in some ways you could explore some of this stuff and how it may benefit your 2022, pop your details in here:


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