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How to get those Not-Good-Enough Gremlins to put a sock in it

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Maybe it is not as often as it used to be, but every so often, you're just getting going when a little voice in your head asks you who on earth you think you are kidding.

Sound familiar?

For most of us there is a little babble of background noise questioning why we have not achieved more or done better or warning us in no uncertain terms that we better scarper because we are just about to be caught out.

And they are sneaky little beasts. They manage to convince us that we are the only ones who feel like this.

People bander around the phrase imposter syndrome so much that we can easily believe that other people do not feel as much of a fraud as we do. But if most people I speak to all feel the same way, perhaps not everyone can be the odd one out. In fact, maybe it is not your fault at all. Maybe there is something else going on.

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