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I believe that self love is key to changing the world

Updated: May 23

Because the work you do on yourself impacts all of your relationships, and the level of compassion or criticism we show ourselves ripples out.

We are taught not to focus too much on our own needs, or it all gets a bit fluffy and out of touch with reality. We are told self love is the answer, but we rarely stop to clarify what that reality is. If that reality is a world where we're just surviving, living pay cheque to pay cheque, occasionally having to scramble over others to get our basic needs met or find new ways to numb out the negative emotions, maybe that world is not worth ignoring ourselves for. Perhaps something else could be possible.

Perhaps the things you love could be prioritised.

From my own experience, the more I have cared about myself, the more of myself there is to go around. I have more time, energy and heart space to fight injustice and create spaces for folk who need to feel safe and seen. I was not able to do this when I was full-time distracted with how rubbish I thought I was.

Self care enabled me to create time from thin air and an abundance of resources, courses and creative new ways for more people to centre their own well-being.

So I wonder who else may benefit if you took the courage of putting yourself first?

Maybe this is how we create work a more loving world.

Maybe we each have a really crucial world to play.

Maybe it starts with you being your own best love story.


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