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I was so comfortable with JOMO

In the pre-pandemic world, I was really trying to cultivate the Joy of Missing Out.

I was always running around trying to catch my breath. I really needed to slow down. Now, 21 months after I first got COVID my life looks very different (apart from the never catching my breath bit). I spend a lot more time at home, a lot more time noticing and a lot more time thinking.

I think about why I used to be frightened of missing out on things, and I think I used to be worried that this THING I was about to do would make me happy. And the flip side of that being that if I did not do the thing I would remain, well, not unhappy, but searching.

It is only recently I realised that I do not feel like that any more. Even though I see the world reopening and people off doing things that I feel I have not had access to since 2019, I am rarely envious of things I see other people doing or achieving. And not because I don’t think the things they are doing do not look wonderful, but simply because I am petty content wherever I am, and I am really good at making my dreams come true from wherever I am standing. Or sitting, Quite often sitting actually.

I am really proud that one of the things I have been spending the past few months doing is writing a course on all the things which have helped me get to this point, and some of the strategies I have used to achieve some epic dreams this year.

A lot of that strategy involves planning, and so as a thank you for sticking around on my mailing list and supporting the work I have been building. I am offering you 24 hours early access to the New Year’s Revolution – Find your dreams then find the time course.

The spaces are limited and I wanted to make sure that folk who were already on the journey with me got offered seats first so get your name on the list here.


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