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Manage your mind so you can show up for yourself consistently

How often do you stop yourself from doing things because you are worried about getting it wrong?

Which is perfectly normal.

But not always that helpful.

Perhaps it's about interacting with coworkers, or speaking up in a group setting or asking someone out on a date or deciding to start an art evening class - what has the fear of messing up stopped you from starting?

When we fear of "getting it wrong" what often happens is that it prevents us from the chance of getting anything right - because it stops us from starting.

What I have noticed often happens is that we find ourselves nervous and then tell ourselves to stop being stupid and that makes us anxious and then we yell at ourselves for being ridiculous and before we know it, we are cowering from our own inner monologue in the corner, when we should be at a Spanish class down the road.

One of the most useful disruptors for this I have found, is to acknowledge and normalise my emotions. Doing something unfamiliar is bound to feel a bit intimidating. Putting myself out there to learn something new faces the possibility of ridicule (at least that's what we tell ourselves), so of course that's going to feel nerve-wracking, trying to make new connections risks the possibility of rejection and that stuff is not meant to feel nice. Just seeing what is actually going on, rather than berating myself with “What is the matter with you” enabled me to calm my nervous system and bring things back into focus.

What could be possible for you by simply recognising your feelings are important and probably quite normal?

Learning how to manage our mind and our emotions is vital for our wellbeing and the wellbeing of those around us. And the more we practise this stuff, the less overwhelming it becomes.

I teach a straightforward, effective strategy to help you build the skills to make confident choices which align with your values. I'm here to equip you with a practical, transformative approach to get unstuck.

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