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The Power of Authority: Taking Back Control of Your Life

For most of us, it's common to find ourselves hesitating when it comes to making decisions, and one of the classic ways to do this is by handing our authority over by seeking the opinions of others (until we have magically found the right option which backs up what we want to do).

For many of us, this feeling of uncertainty and lack of control is rooted in societal norms which teach us to give away our authority at a young age. We're told to put our faith in others, rely on them for guidance, and surrender our power to those we believe know better. And when we were younger, often this was really useful.  But not always, and not for all of us.

Often, the key to taking back control of your life is to reclaim your authority. Which is way easier said than done – but that does not mean it is impossible.  A great starting place could be to ask yourself: "Who have I given my authority to?" Is it your boss, your partner, the school bully when you were 5, some Instagram model, or someone else entirely? It's important to understand who is holding the power to make you doubt yourself, question your decisions, and, ultimately, undermine your confidence.  (spoiler: it’s you kiddo)

None of these people have any power over you without your permission.  It is your thoughts about them that determine how you feel about yourself.  Or not.  By questioning who holds authority, you stand a way better chance of getting it back.  And when you step back into your own congruence, you also win the bonus prize of gaining confidence in your decisions. And where you may have previously hesitated to make decisions, you'll start to tune into your own instincts and judgments a bit more.

We often believe there is some magical switch we can flick which will give us clarity when in truth, we are all wonderfully complex, brilliant, confused, messy and capable beasts. You deserve to live a life filled with joy, peace, and purpose.  We all do.  And we don’t get that by dishing out responsibility for our lives to everyone around us. It starts with taking back control of your own authority and power and just noticing the stories we tell ourselves.

The more you stop to notice, the more you get to dial down the indecision, and the more you are able to trace your own way home.

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