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This is Rowan

Rowan arrived at the studio they laid out their outfits and I dived straight for this shirt and fell about fawning about how brilliant it would look against the purple backdrop. They put it on, stood in front of the colourama and I glanced up and said "You look like..." and I paused, because covid-brain has me scrabbling for words often, and then found the image in my head "Leonardo Dicaprio in Romeo and Juliet." and Rowan cracked open an incredible grin and did a little air punch.⁠


When they had been preparing for surgery, one of their flatmates asked them to imagine the look they dreamt of, and Rowan said the dream image was the when you first see Romeo in the film, walking up the beach. After surgery, the flatmate bought this shirt as a welcome home present.⁠


So whilst I had been pausing, trying to get my words right, Rowan had been thinking "OMG, are they going to say it? Are they going to say it...?" And I did. I said it. So here's to Rowan, to Leonardo DiCaprio, to the flatmate and to saying exactly the right thing.⁠


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