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Walking home

Updated: Jan 11

So I'm walking home, and a car screeches to a halt in the street, and a woman screams her kid out of the car and tells this little 10-year-old to "man up" and walk down the road on his own.

He starts to sprint and slows his pace as he nears me to catch his breath. "You ok?" I ask "I'm scared," he says. "Mum says men shouldn't get scared." "Everyone gets scared of stuff" I tell him. "She looked pretty angry, your mum. You know if you get angry at her back it's not gonna help. So whatcha gonna do when you get home?" He paused "I'm gonna tell her I love her. I guess she's pretty scared too". We shook hands and parted ways.

Spare a little love, luck, chanting, prayers... whatever your bag... for little Kiron tonight. What an amazing kid.


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