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What is this coaching stuff all about?

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

You may have noticed me talking a lot about my coaching course recently. I wanted to tell you why.

Quick rewind to basically all of my adult life, and I have tried all of the things. I have been to brilliant counsellors, and way too many terrible ones. I have had acupuncture hypnosis, tried tapping and camping. I have travelled days to visit spiritual healers (Who I have later found on Channel 5 documentaries), I've tried sports massage, Swedish massage, Thai massage, osteopathy, cranial osteopathy, dieticians, naturopaths, kinesiologists, shiatsu, I have visited religious sites and climbed mountains, I've got qualifications in the theory of it all, I have tried ignoring it, I have written poetry and I have read and read and read. I tried to get my body and my brain to behave any which way I could.

Some of it helped and lots of it didn’t.

Over 25 years probably spent a mortgages worth of money trying to fix and heal myself and get my body and my brain back into something that felt like me. A few years ago I started listening to a podcast which really resonated with me. This led to several years of learning on courses with Kara Lowenthiel. In 18 months of working with her, I shifted stuff that I had spent 20 years trying to get over. gave me my life back. The last year I made the epic move to train with her teacher. Because this work has changed my whole life.

Those of you who know my journey know How tough the last decade has been for me from parental loss, child loss, assault, head injuries, PTSD, earthquakes, losing my business and nearly losing my home. The last two years of long covered have taken away my body and replaced it with something from 30 years in my future.

And I have never been happier. I'm absolutely thriving. I have created a thriving not for profit which benefits survivors of gendered abuse and an incredible coaching school which is sharing the stuff which has changed my world. has enabled me to keep showing up for myself and for others. It is enabled me to keep coming back home and keep returning to love. I have been able to ensure that the work that I do does not replicate the systems which got us out here in the first place.

I made the bold decision to make all of my work financially accessible. I run everything on an “if you can”, “if you can't”, and “free if you need it” sliding scale. Because I don't believe that the good things should only be for folk who can afford them.

I keep going on about this coaching because it is the best work of my life and I want to share these concrete tools with as many people as possible.

in the course we going to be looking at relationships, friends, family colleagues, romantic relationships and of course your relationship with yourself and your life. The community space is amazing. The group offer each other so much compassion and connection. I am unbelievably proud who created such a welcoming corner of the Internet.

The Remarkable Relationship course begins this week.

Are you coming?


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