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Why do I keep giving my work away?

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

People ask me this a lot. I have repeatedly been told people will not value my work if people can access it for free. And I am determined to prove that they’re wrong.

I spent the whole of April offering coaching calls for any and every donation to a brilliant charity doing work on the front line of human trafficking - because I think this work is life changing.

I wanted to help the humanitarian crisis we are facing. I also believe that working on ourselves is an essential part of creating a better world.

The idea of a more peaceful world has to begin within our own hearts and minds. Because the way we speak to ourselves impacts how we behave to others.

I have been really excited about the course I have written for May, which is all about how to rest in a world which glorifies exhaustion. The problem I face is that people who need it the most think they are too busy for a course. They think they are too busy for anything other than the essentials - and that is the problem. When we are stuck in a trap we can only think of what will make the problem worse. It is only by stepping out of the crisis for a moment that you have the option of seeing alternative solutions to the problem.

Do I think my work / life balance course will solve all of your problems? No. But I do believe that the tools I teach on the course will quieten down the voice in your head that tells you that you can’t, that you’re not good enough, that if you do twice the amount of things that you may be able to rest.

I invite you to ask yourself how much more time and energy you would have if you could just put a filter on that inner critic that keeps pushing you to exhaustion.

For one hour a week for the next four weeks, I am going to be teaching people how to build that filter for themselves.

And, as always, my work is intentionally accessible: if you need a bursary space, it is yours. You just need to ask.

So you can continue feeling busy and over stretched, or I invite you to try a different approach. I promise you, if it is rubbish and does not work for you, the old ways of just fighting capitalism uphill will still be waiting for you in June. But what if it did help? What if it opened even a crack of light into the hectic overload and made you feel like this was all a bit more manageable?


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