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You are already worthy

Updated: Apr 11

Spam Filter For Your Brain - Episode 56

Here's a wild notion that society doesn't want you to know and it's that you're worthy. Huh? It's such a crazy notion. You don't need to be fixed. There's nothing wrong with you. You're quite brilliant and perfectly human.

You might be thinking, "Anna, how the fuck would you know that? We've never met". Even if we have met, you might be thinking, "Oh, for God's sake, but you don't know about this thing, about me. Or maybe you're not."

Maybe you're just like, "Yeah, I might be worthy, but also, this bloke next to me on the train while I'm listening to your podcast has his elbow in my ear, and I haven't responded to that email, and I am actively avoiding my group chat on WhatsApp right now. So worthy is the furthest thing from my mind."

And I invite you to stop, take a little pause, and just remind ourselves that we are a whole bunch of cells. Water, electricity, love and magic spinning round on a ridiculous-sized rock, plummeting through space. And all of us, in all of our hearts, are trying our best to get by.

You don't need to do anything to become more worthy, more lovable, more liked, more loved. You just are. And we all just are just trying our best out here in this wild old game that we keep making up the rules to.

Some of us try to do the best we can by others and ourselves. And all of us trying to find a place of safety and kindness, quite often trying to find and connect to that sense of home and try to make a safe space for those around us.

And when we remember this bigger stuff, sometimes these little itches and scratches that go on between people around us in situations around us can melt away a little bit. When you can look at someone around you who, frankly, might be being a bit of a dick and just go, we're all trying our best. And I'm trying my best to find love for you here.

Sometimes, it can just be that tiny little remembering that we need to put the conflicts down and remind ourselves that, as we arrived made of magic and stardust, there are bits of you that are an old star. And that we know all of the things that we do because some old fish decided to crawl out of a lake one day. And all of the things that have gone on in between a few thousand years of leg growing and other bits of evolution.

It's wild out here, and it's also ridiculously magic.

There was a very first daffodil that existed in the world. This thought blows my mind really often. Imagine there was like a first daffodil.

There are so many bits of magic all around us, and when we personally take the time to stop and see how beautifully ridiculous this life is, honestly, rain? Right rain? There's water falling at you from the sky. How stupid is that? It's brilliant. The whole lot of it is brilliant. You get to witness these sensations. You get to feel these sensations on your skin. You get to tell other people about them. And you get to laugh, make ridiculous jokes and, feel your way into your own body and work out how, in some situations, you could be the catalyst for kindness.

That's what I invite for you this week. How can you be the catalyst for kindness for yourself and to remind yourself you don't need to do anything more than you're already doing to be worthy of love, compassion and respect?

How can you show yourself a little bit more of that this week?

I hope this has been useful. I'll be sliding back into your ears next week. Do be very kind to yourselves, please.


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