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You will never guess what money buys you…

Updated: Dec 31, 2022


I never realised how much of my fear of the whole thing tumbling down had kept me from those I love.

I spent all of my 20s building a business and all of my 30s trying to save one, and somewhere in there, I lost sight of what was really important to me: and that is people.

Or I didn't lose sight of it, I just thought that fighting to keep my head above water was my primary need, so I had to sacrifice relationships. Because I was frightened. I spent nearly all of my adult life being so frightened of money that I believe that the only way to escape this terrible feeling was if I just worked harder; because clearly if I just put enough effort in I would be lucky enough to survive.

The only way that I was able to change this was to give up. Not give up working, but give up the belief that this was the only way. And give up the belief that I had to do it alone.

When I had the courage to ask for help. It was like the fairy godmother waved her magic wand and suddenly I could see clearly. And I could see clearly because the fear had been removed.

What I never could have imagined was that in all the space that the fear had been stealing, I found something else: time. Time to spend with friends; time to prioritise my family; time to sit in cafes getting creative; time to sit with friends and just be, rather than rushing to solve things.

Money gave me my life back when I had been struggling for oxygen. Making a conscious decision to reject fear and allow money to come towards me with something which has given me more love, more freedom and more happiness than I ever could have possibly imagined.

I want you to know that this is also possible for you too.


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