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When Money Mindset is not enough

Updated: Apr 11

The results are in... Voting has now closed...

I have been contemplating renaming my Money Mindset course to make it sound less like polished and more like the gritty complicated reality it is. Instagram voted:

Money mindset poll renamed to how to stop feeling shit about money or how to stop being frightened by money

The problem with neat little names like "Money Mindset" is that it doesn't really represent or speak to the people who need this work the most. When was the last time you sat there and thought "I really need to fix my money mindset" rather than "What the hell is my gas bill going to be like?" Money is a tricky subject for so many reasons, firstly because we are mostly talk to never talk about it (and then magically know all of the rules) and also because it often feels like it is all in someone else's hands: who pays you, what things cost, the economy etc and whilst some of that may be true, how you think about it massively impacts how you interact with it. Imagine (if you can) money was a person, and you spent most of your time thinking "You're the root of all evil and also I am scared of you." - do you think they would want to hang out with you? And how do you think you're likely to respond any time they come near? Fixing the way we think about money isn't some cutesy slogan - it literally changes the way we interact with it. And loathe it or loathe it, we currently live in a capitalist society and that means the way you interact with money is going to impact your whole life. If your approaches so far have not left you: a - loaded b - completely at ease with what you have, no matter how much it is and you never worry about whether you can afford things Maybe investigating some fresh approaches wouldn't be the worst way to spend your time? The How to Stop Feeling Frightened by Money course is open for enrollment now. I'd love to see you inside. Why? Because I truly believe the more of us with morals and passion and community-centred ethics who hold the purse strings, the better. Grab the gold here (I will let you decide):


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