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You are worthy, just as you are

Spam Filter for Your Brain - Episode 6

This should have been podcast number one, but it's here, and it's here in the right place, and hopefully, you'll be listening to it at the right time for you. It's a really important message that you should try and remind yourself every opportunity you can and remind everyone you love every chance you get. And the news is that you don't have to be fixed to be worthy of love.

My programs, workshops, and coaching all run through self-care school and the idea of coaching people can often have is that you create better versions of yourself. You need to be improved, and you need to be fixed, and you need to change things about yourself to become better or better or more lovable or worthy.

And I have a great big spoiler for you that you are already worthy. You are worthy just because you exist. You are the most glorious bundle of unique human cells that the universe created in this great big rolling rock of water, dust, starlight, and magic. You are as incredibly valuable as the first daffodil you see, the rainbow that takes your breath away, and the crunch of autumn leaves.

You are made of the same stuff we are in this world for such a brief moment. It is a devastating shame that we spend so much time convincing ourselves that we are not precious and valuable. Because when you sink back into the realisation that all of us are just trying the best with what we know, we all are all as brilliant and as glorious and as messy and as confused and as fabulously irritating as everybody else on the planet.

It just frees up so much more time. And that time is when you can care for other people better. You can build your dreams so you can go puddle jumping, read books, do more meaningful work, and sit and pick your nose to the clouds if you want to. It allows you more life when you can loosen up that thought that something inherently broken about you has to be hidden, disguised or solved for you to be worthy of love.

You don't have to believe me that you are worthy and precious just as you are. But I invite you to get curious about the idea that what if it could be possible? What if it was possible that you're as brilliant as a sparkly scale? Maybe. No. The best analogy is that gasp you get in your belly when you see a shooting star, or like the twinkle in your eye when you spot two people floating on the tube.

Like all of this, life is life that you get to experience. And the more kindness you create for yourself, the more kindness there is in the world, the more compassion you create for yourself, the more compassion there is in the world, and the more respect you create for yourself. Not only the more respect there is in the world, but the more time you have to support other people to have their lives respected.

It's so important that we stop trying to undermine ourselves so that you can free up our time to do the really important stuff in life. And I'm here to champion you through the photo photoshoot. So the course is just my dolsot hackneyed tones in your ears. I'm here to be able to support you, and those doubts arise, and they will arise.

And that's okay. Does it mean anything is going wrong? Does it mean that suddenly you're a terrible person because you know this stuff on paper, but you don't feel it yet? So good. Whatever you're up to now, we're all trying our best. It's all good. Maybe, it's all going to be okay. This is my little missive to you this week.

I hope that it's useful.


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