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3 Phases of Self-Development

In self-development there are quick wins, there are life transformations and there is the bit in the middle. And this is where most people give up - because they want internal revolution to feel good and in the middle ground, dopamine is thin pickings.

So why would you continue if it does not feel good?


Well, firstly, you don’t have to – it’s important to remind ourselves we have choices because obligation always feels like a trap.


I believe continuing trudging through the self-development middle ground is essential because this is where the foundations for long-term change are built. It's in this phase that habits are formed and strengthened, and true understanding of oneself is developed. It is during the trudge where habits are forged. Deciding to make mindful, conscious, consistent actions set the foundation for lasting change. Habits take time to establish, but once they're ingrained, they can serve as the cruise control to guide you towards your goals.


The slow bit with no medals or markers is challenging because it demands we cultivate patience. The growth and skills acquired in this phase are exactly the skillset we need to make lasting transformation possible.  This phase is where true self-discovery happens. It's in the quiet persistence, away from the applause of quick wins, that you learn about your strengths, your weaknesses, and your true passions. This self-knowledge is invaluable, a compass that will guide you not just to your current goal but onwards towards things you have not even dreamed of yet.


In essence, persisting through this phase turns fleeting success into sustainable change, shaping a future where achievements are not just momentary highs, but part of a continuous journey of expanding our lives into new possibilities.


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